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Did the Loser who broke your heart think he could get away with it? Has he never heard "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!"? has put our own tested Revenge Techniques and stories here along with the best FREE Spy Tools and resources that we scoured from all over the web! Check out our Revenge Forum where you can talk with other Revengers, or our Friends page along with some News Stories we found on the net!

We can help you satisfy your craving for revenge! We could never justify violence as a means for revenge, BUT, by the time you're through with him he's going to wish he were knocked unconscious! invest in Visa shares in Malaysia
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"Civil Suit Goes To Court: A Scorned Lover, Glue And A Naked Man"
WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. -- 'Gail O'Toole was convicted of simple assault and sentenced to six months probation for acts she committed against her ex-lover. On Wednesday, the civil suit went to court, where O'Toole's ex-boyfriend claimed her "outrageous" and "inhumane" acts are worth thousands in damages.Slaby said O'Toole waited until he fell asleep and glued his penis to his stomach, glued his testicle to his leg and glued the cheeks of his buttocks together." Must see VIDEO! ~ Follow the whole ex-boyfriend revenge story HERE

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