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Need ways to get information on the sly?
Not sure how to go about it?
Looking to expand the stealth skills you already have?

Frustration Free Spy Info You Can Use Right Now With No Money!

Don't get endlessly passed around from one site to the next by people just wanting to make a buck off you. We've been there, got frustrated, and went on a MAD HUNT across the web to find relevant resources. And we found some good ones! Why keep it to ourselves?

Try a few of the links below (we're not passing you around, promise) or look farther down the page for our own "homemade" spy tutorials, you won't be disappointed!

Best Free Resources Ever!

  • Have His Voice Mail Messages Sent To Your Email!
    GotVoice retrieves voice messages from your existing home and cellular phones and delivers them directly to your email inbox either automatically, using a pre-chosen schedule, or manually with a simple click of a button.
    • Access your voicemail on the Internet
    • Easy to sign up - only takes a few minutes
    • Get all your messages in one place
    • And yes, GotVoice is FREE
    This is an amazingly simple, fast and very effective way to find out what's being left on someones voice mail before they can erase it and without them even knowing! You WILL have to know the PIN number they use to access their voice mail. If you have the PIN right they will never know you are getting their messages emailed to you. But, if you get the PIN wrong the service leaves a voice mail saying they are trying to access it, which would put a person on alert that you're messing with their phone.

    If you've got the PIN you can be listening to all messages old and new within 10 minutes from now! You also have an option to erase all their messages (or leave them) when you you're signed up!
    Highly Recommended!

  • Staying in Touch: A Fieldwork Manual of Tracking Procedures
    Describes the methods used and resources available for locating clients. A wide variety of tracking resources are described in detail and links to these resources are available throughout. *THIS IS A PDF FILE* It is somewhat large (5.60 MB) but worth it! It gives tracking methods using the phone, on foot, the mail system, public utilities and a lot more.
    Highly Recommended!

  • Eye Direction and Lying
    Eye Movement and Direction, How it Can Reveal the Truth or a Lie! So can the direction a person's eyes reveal whether or not they are making a truthful statement? Short answer: sort of. But, it isn't as simple as some recent television shows or movies make it seem. Check out this site for more information.
    Highly Recommended!

  • Maps
    Service lets users see street-level photos of addresses as well as get map-based driving directions. You will feel like you are actually walking down a street on this site! If you live in a bigger city across the US that they have covered you can type in an address and look at real photographs (not satalite imagery) taken at a pedestrian point of view (So you won't be looking at their freakin roof, lol!)

    Is an excellent directory of free databases that can be used to find people based on state. If you are good at quickly judging if a site is relevent to your search then you should find helpful.

  • Truth About Deception
    Everything you need to know about deception, love, and romance. Find out why he lies, how he lies, what he lies about...very informative!
    Highly Recommended!

  • More people than you would think have used at some point. You can search their database of emails free just by registering for a FREE account!

  • Is He Meeting People Online? In your area? Find out for FREE (Fill out the registration to use this service) at

  • Free Reverse Phone Number Search Tools

    Search for phone numbers using these Reverse Phone Number lookups, enter a U.S. phone or a fax number to find its owner. Type numbers in this format: 425-555-1000

    InfoSpaceResidential PhoneBusiness PhoneFax
    PayPhonePay Phone Directory

    Verify if a phone number is a cellular number or a regular (home or office) land line number. The tool also reports telephone company and location. Works for both US and Canada. The first 7 digits of the number are used (no spaces) to give you the most precise results on the Web. Other sources only use area code and prefix.


    The Area Decoder provides you with current information related to area, city, and country codes. Simply type in the name of a city, state, and/or country, or a city, area, or country phone code.

    Google has developed a dynamic strength people finder, all a user has to do is type in a person’s name plus their area code in the Google search box. The result will be a listing of all people by that name in that area code, complete with listed phone number and links to MapQuest (which will produce a map and driving directions).

    AreaDecoderEnter AREA CODE or CITY, STATE
    GoogleEnter NAME and AREA CODE

    Free People Search Tool

    Type the person's name in the search bar below. It will open a new page with a list of results. Choose the best match and then use each of the tools on the following page.

    This form will take you off of our site so Add Us To Your Favorites Folder before you use it so you can find us again!

    Search a Name:    

    How To Listen In Using A Cell Phone

  • Ok, I just figured this one out! This will only work with cell phones that have an auto answer option (look in the settings or call options - might be other places within the phone as well) and a speakerphone. Set the phone to mute for all calls and alerts. Next set the auto answer feature to on and have it answer in the shortest amount of time (if it lets you). Next search the phone for speakerphone options (might be right there with the auto answer options) set it to automatically answer with the speakerphone turned on. Then from another phone block the caller ID using *67, call the cell phone and then mute the phone you are calling from (make sure you MUTE it, otherwise they will hear you over the cell). You should then be able to listen to everything going on within the range of the speaker! Make sure you charge the batteries of both the cell phone and the phone you are calling from!

    Note: anyone else who calls the cell phone will also be able to listen and if they talk they'll be heard by anyone near the phone.

  • Here's a way to listen in on things in your house while you're gone. You have to have two phones one of which has to be a cell that you take with you. Call the phone you are leaving behind with the cell phone. Mute the cell phone. Place the phone you are leaving in a central location with the reciever facing towards the busiest part of the room. Now, when you go you can hear what's going on in that room. If you hang up the cell phone or get disconnected another way you won't be able to listen in any more. Again, make sure you charge the batteries of both phones before using!

  • How To Get His New Address

  • Send a letter to the last known address. Mark it clearly "ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED" (write this in bold letters and then underline it with a red pencil). If they have left a forwarding address at the post office, it will (hopefully) come back marked with the new address on it. Make sure you include a real letter, however. The post office has been known to make a mistake and accidentally forward the mail, or your ex may still be checking the old mail box.

  • Software Spy Tools

  • PC PANDORA Will allow you to MONITOR, RECORD and take SNAPSHOTS of the following:

    * Every WEBSITE your lover visits
    * EMAILS your lover sends and receives
    * INSTANT MESSAGES sent and received
    * CHAT ROOM conversion made
    * Every PROGRAM that your lover runs
    * Every KEYSTROKE your lover types will be recorded: This is a very important feature because this will allow you to record the passwords that they use to get into email accounts such as HOTMAIL, YAHOO, AOL, or the passwords to other sites that you want access to.
    PC Pandora will even record your lovers secret passwords so you can always know what they are trying to get away with behind your back.

    Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct!

    This software isn't free but we think its worth the price they charge, especially if you need to know what's going on with your computer when you're not around.

  • Access His Computer Files Remotely Anytime!


    GoToMyPC is a popular new technology that lets users access their computer from any Web browser. Easy set up in minutes allows users to work from home or the road and gives them secure and immediate access to their email, files, programs and network resources from anywhere. An award-winning service that PC Magazine calls "revolutionary," GoToMyPC is available on a subscription basis. FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE.

    If you want information in real time from someone's computer like files, email, applications, programs, anything then you'll need something like this site offers. You can use their software for 30 days for free without any obligation to purchase, its well worth checking out!

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    Access Your PC with Your Wireless Device

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