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A collection of funny, amazing or sometimes embarrassing web sites found
lurking in dark corners all over the web. Updated all week long!

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Farting is a diabolical and necessary component of the human species. What sets humans apart from animals? Using the fart to its full potential -vs- merely wondering "Did something just eek out of my butt?"

Whitney Houston

There was a time that Whitney had it goin' on...then came Bobbie with his prerogative. What was she thinking? Hopefully not what this guy was thinking (speaking) in this horribly translated interview from the early 90's! (Video)

Leaping Lizards

Tired of the same old reactions when animals catch Reporters off gaurd? Me too. But then I found this clip and my intrest in Reporter Mishaps was once again renewed.


E-Closure, a collection of break up letters, just in time for Valentine's Day! Send them your breakup letters and help them meet their shattered love goals!

Squared Circle/Flickr Collaborative Poster

Squared Circle/Flickr Collaborative Poster made from 2500 individual photographs.

T-Shirt Of Love

A perfect way to illistrate the differences of love between genders.

Robot Dance

If I were a robot I'd be jelous of this kid's moves.

Electrical Fire

Electrical Fire! Wow, how the heck does this type of thing happen?


Funny commercial for XBox!.


This is an awesome animation about a caveman's woes.


A love for gem sweaters was the inspiration for this rap song.

Mug Shots

These allegedly lawless ladies and gentlemen should be recognized for their awful hair, unfortunate clothes, array of bandages, and goofy smiles.

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis...who the heck is Carl Lewis? And is he gay, bi or only into really old ladies? I'm confused...

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