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I've dated a guy for 6 mos and thought he was the one. With no warning or reason, he has gone into major shut down mode. He is in his cave and probably will never call me again. I am moving on and not willing to sit around and wait for him to get his collective shit together. I want my stuff @ his house back. I have nothing of his, but he has several things of mine. I know his garage code and want to not contact him, but just go over and get my stuff. Is this "right"??

Is it "right"? I don't think it is wrong to want your things back. If you know that contacting him first would result in making it more difficult to get your things back then try other ways instead. Before you go sneaking into his garage, find out if any of your mutual friends or even one of his friends would be willing to grab your stuff for you the next time they are there. You might also think about requesting a police escort to go over there with you at a time when he'd be home. If none of these ideas seem like a good option and you do plan on going in by yourself make sure you are not putting yourself in danger. By that I mean will some one in the house think you are an intruder, do you know exactly when people are home there, will the neighbors think you are a burglar? Just keep those things in mind before you go in by yourself.

I need some tips on making the guy of my dreams say "I love you" to can I do it? Which changes should I make or keep in my behaviour after attracting him to me?

Guys run from any kind of pressure in the beginning of relationships. So don't pressure or suggest he say it or even that he should feel it. If you have already been successful at attracting him to you then don't change anything about yourself or the way you act since that won him over in the first place. Time will tell when it comes to falling in love. He'll tell you he loves you when his time is right.

One more thing, changing your behavior to make some one love you is never a good idea. You want them to love you for you. When two people love each other they naturally change things in their habits, showing their love and respect for the other person. If things click between you two this will happen naturally.

For months and months my best friend and I had been secretly attracted to one another, and fighting all the time. The fights were mainly about my other best girl friend who he openly admits to liking. But for the past few months me and him had been secretly telling each other we love each other and finding ourselves fooling around at parties. One of the nights that I leaned in and kissed him, we asked each other what we were going to do about it. So we decided that we'd start something and see if we could have a go at the whole relationship thing between best friends. The next morning, my best girl friend that he liked confessed her love for him. So what does he do? He says, sorry, and chooses her. He later explains that he was using me to get her jealous. What should I do? Should I stand aside and let my best friends be? Or should I stand up for myself because I did not deserve this heartache?

He is an absolute jerk for using you and hurting you with his hidden motives! Not to mention the fact that his actions have or will probably ruin your other friendship as well. He is not worth your friendship and definitely not your love! With this being said I know it is still hard to get past the fact that you had feelings for him and you feel seriously betrayed. I would let your female best friend know every single thing that has happened between him and you and also how he told you he's been using you. Don't tell her with any hostility or ask her to do anything about it, just tell her you felt she should know because she is your best friend. This may OR may not have an effect on what happens so try not to expect anything. At the very least though telling her will most likely cause her to distrust him. If it were me I would then try to distance myself from both of them for the time being since it would really hurt even to see her right now.

Am in terrible heart pain and completely confused. I am 40 now. my husband first time cheated me 2 yrs ago after 6 yrs of our marriage. Cheating by itself is really heart pain. But, moreover he was cheated on me when I had hard time. it is scared. I was back to my country taking care with for dying mom. When I was back he treated me like a dog. I trust him and thought that it might be some kind of stress or may be just my attitude. second time he had affair this winter, 2 months later after I gave a birth to our beautiful baby. He did not have sex with me; he came late home, and assaulted me again with anger and very rude words. Now when found out everything he is begging me not leave him, swearing that he love me more than everything on this earth that all his adulteries are worth anything. I am lost. I do not want to make my baby be without Daddy (he is a good one) and at the same time I am not happy with him (we had and have now really good sex), but i am talking about life in whole, about future, about getting aged together. I do not know, if I should stay with him.

Most men who make cheating a habit are not interested in leaving their wife for the women they had the affairs with. Men who do this also have a general disregard and disrespect for women altogether. He is probably comfortable with his home life with you and will say what he thinks you want to hear in order to avoid any disruption to it. Although he may be begging you to stay, swearing he's changed and saying how much he loves you he is still most likely to cheat on you again and again. Men who show a lack of respect to women in this way will almost always be a cheater for life.

If you are unsure about leaving him because of what he's telling you then watch his actions closely. If he is truly sorry and wants to stay with you because he loves you then you should see a big change in his normal every day behavior and attitudes that stays constant over time. If his behavior and attitude do not change at all or only for a little while this is a huge indication that he will cheat again!

If the only reason you are staying with this man is because of your baby you should think twice about him being such a good father. A truly good father thinks of the welfare of his family as a whole. A man who is thinking of his children's best interest would not do something so destructive repeatedly to his family. If your child is a girl she's going to grow up thinking that its OK for men to treat women this way. She'll most likely find a husband that treats her the way she saw her father treat her mother. If you're child is a boy he's going to learn how to be a man from his father. If he grows up watching his father disregard his mother and sees his mother live with that he will think this is the way females should be treated. If you leave your husband you can still encourage him to have a relationship with your child. If he really wants to be a good father he will want to be a big part of your baby's life even if you choose to leave him.

How can I break up a couple and make the girl be the one getting dumped? I hate my cousin's girlfriend, and I want to make sure that she gets hurt and not my cousin.

Send anonymous text messages to her phone that imply she's cheating on your cousin like "I had fun seeing you again last night and the sex was great! Are we still getting together tomorrow? ~ Love Shane". Then have male friends of yours call and leave messages on her cell phone saying similar things. Have them call the house phone and if your cousin answers have them say "Oops wrong number" and do this one a lot so he gets suspicious.

How can you tell if a mean guy likes you?

Mean things will probably start happening to you.

I am a gay black male. Is there any way for me to get revenge on my white male lover?


Would it be improper for me to ask how to pry open a gas tank without leaving any evidence of it being pryed open?

That's funny! And SO improper!!!

The following answer is purely for entertainment purposes only, we never advise any one to break any anyway - It would be tough to pry open anything while at the same time leaving it operational and pristine looking. What you could do though is look at the original gas cap then buy an identical looking one at the store. Then, if while prying off the original one it should get damaged you can replace it with the new one. Of course when the owner of the car goes to unlock their gas cap they won't be able to since the lock will be different, but at least they won't notice this until they need to get gas again.

Also, when you're prying off the original one try using some kind of machine lubricant like WD40 to put directly on the threads that the gas cap screws onto and use a flat head screw driver for the prying. Put the screw driver behind the gas cap where it is threaded on and as gently as possible pry it up as much as it will go then move the screw driver around the gas cap each time you pry. I can't say I've actually done this with a car but I've used this same technique on other things and achieved the outcome I wanted.

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