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LoveLine with Dr.Drew
and Adam Carolla

If you have never heard LoveLine live on the radio than you have no idea what kind of hilarity you are missing! They've been broadcast on radio stations (and MTV for awhile) for over 10 years now across the nation.

Here are a few clips that keep us laughing:
*WARNING* Explicit Language

  • "When Chicks Get Mad"
  • "Drew Talks Urban"

    Call them Sunday - Thursday at 1-800-LOVE-191. If you have questions about love, sex or health they'll give you the facts along with solid advise...or they'll make fun of you!

    Looking for a live streaming of LoveLine?
    You can listen to the LoveLine show LIVE with streaming audio here!

    Update: Adam Carolla has done his last show with LoveLine. THAT SUCKS! Its going to be hard for the next guy trying to take his place. Who ever its going to be better be funny and insightful at the same time if he's even going to have a chance at staying. Why Adam, Why????

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