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If You Still Love Him

How To Win Your Ex Back

k, so you haven't had enough grief in your life? You really want him back? You know you might regret this, right?

Just making sure.

First thing first, there might not be anything you can do to get him back. If you've tried everything and nothing works be prepared to face the fact that its over.

Now, about winning him back! Its best to follow this advise from the very start of your breakup. This is very hard to do and for some maybe impossible, but I have personally found this to give the best odds for bringing him home: STOP ALL COMMUNICATION WITH HIM! Do NOT call him. Do NOT ask his friends about him. Do NOT show up where you know he will be. NOTHING!

If you show any clingyness towards him he's going to run the other way. If you are indifferent (at least outwardly) about the breakup he'll probably start to wonder why.

If you have any of his things this is when he'll start calling and asking for them back. Don't answer the first few times he calls. Then when you think you're ready to see him without freaking out call him back. Tell him you're sorry you didn't call him right back but you've been busy (if he asks "busy doing what" avoid tempting answers like "dating your brother" instead talk about school or family).

Tell him you made sure nothing happened to his things and he can come and pick them up. Make sure he comes to you to get his things! Make any excuse you have to so that he comes to you to get his things. That way he's on your turf and the likeliness of seeing him with another girl, causing you an extreme freak out, is less apt to happen. (If he's a mega-loser he might bring the biotch with him though, just stay calm!)

Set a time for him to come. Make sure you are ready well in advance. And by ready I mean dress in his favorite outfit (or a new one that's similar in style), do your hair the way he likes it, buy new make-up, nail polish, perfume...ect to freshen up the image he has of you. Clean your place up. Oh, and hide any pictures, letters or gifts that he gave you where you know he won't see them (you don't want him thinking you've set up a "shrine of love" or anything creepy like that!).

When he gets there BE NICE! But don't over do it! When he's ready to go LET HIM! Continue being aloof with him.

This is usually enough to get him thinking that you're better then him and that he shouldn't let you go after all. That he might not have a chance to be with someone better than himself again.

I'm not sure exactly why this works, but, doing these things have re-sparked interest for an ex in men before.

This has personally worked for me more than once. Although, please take note, nothing can be guaranteed in love. There's no way I could say "This Will Work For You", I don't know that it will. I DO know that this is better advise for winning him back than the revenge ideas found elsewhere on this site. But hey, that's always a good backup plan, right?

One more thing, try not to be like these girls:

NEW! Letter From Reader 1-19-2006

I have a comment about your anonymous text messenging to anyone!!!! I love it!!!! I still loved my ex boyfriend and decided to play with the anonymous text messenging and sent him about seven messages pretending to be another guy interested in me. My boyfriend did not give me a lot of attention. So I decided not to call him for about 3 1/2 weeks. I totally ignored him. Guess What!!!! after 4 weeks he proposed. This was on Christmas eve 2005. He thought that some other guy was trying to steal me away. I dont know if this will work for everyone but guys get so upset if they know another guy is interested in you. They dont like competition. Good Luck Ladies.

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How To Win Your Ex Back
How To Win Your Ex Back
How To Win Your Ex Back
How To Win Your Ex Back
How To Win Your Ex Back

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