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Relationship Advice

How To Love Yourself

What does that saying "You have to love yourself before you can love any one else" really mean?

Everyone has heard this saying before. It sounds like good advise, it sounds deep. But how the heck do you love yourself if you're not doing so already?

I'm sure there are different interpretations of this saying. Here's mine.

To love yourself means to develop who you are as your own independent person. Without testing your own character (finding your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes as well as thoughts and beliefs) its hard to know what kind of character you want in a significant other. How do you do this? Spend some time by yourself. I don't just mean an hour watching TV. I mean if you're not in a relationship now keep it that way for a while. Try not to think about men at all. Its hard to develop who you are if you are always trying to figure out what men want. It doesn't matter what men want. Learn to be an independent person who doesn't need to be in a relationship and then you'll find one man who really appreciates you and loves you.



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