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Nick Davis WHEN Swans premiership hero Nick Davis returned from the team's off-season jaunt to Los Angeles, he was counting on one woman to pick him up from Sydney airport - not two.

But a shock is what 25-year-old Davis got as, Robyn Freeman and another unnamed girlfriend from "last season" who he has since got back with, turned up to meet their man on Sunday night.

It was a scene resembling two kids fighting over a brand new Sherrin footy. Davis found himself in a centre bounce of a very different kind as Freeman showed up unannounced to spoil his homecoming party.

"I'd arranged for my new girlfriend to pick me up," Davis said. "She's actually my old girlfriend from last season and we decided to get back together."

As Freeman, 25, approached Davis in the arrivals terminal, the other woman joined in the welcoming party.

"I suspected something was going on and I tried to catch him out," Freeman said yesterday. "I was told he was getting a lift with (Swans teammate) Barry Hall but when I saw him, Barry wasn't around." Freeman, who rides at New South Wales provincial tracks for trainer Gai Waterhouse, said the horse had now bolted on her relationship with the star Swan. "He stood there, white as a ghost and I've never seen a bloke shake like that," she said. "She knew about me. I said, 'Good luck, I've got better things to do. You two deserve each other'."

Freeman said Davis had moved into her Kingsford unit within days of them hooking up in Newcastle last year. "He just started bringing stuff back - trophies, clothes. More and more stuff," Freeman said. "The thing is I told him to go seven times before I think and he wouldn't go."

But by the weekend, she had started packing his belongings into his 4WD BMW, parked under her apartment complex. The budding rider said she showed Davis the door and erased all her photographs of him on her camera and computer. "I wanted blood last night and now I think I'm OK," she said. "I don't feel anything at all. I don't feel sad."

Davis described the airport confrontation as a misunderstanding, insisting the pair had split two weeks before the Swans left for LA on January 11. "I said, 'Look, I'm going overseas' and I told her when I went away that I wouldn't be getting back with her," Davis said. "We had broken up and I guess she just came to try and talk to me."

Lisa Lopes Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's relationship with Atlanta Falcons receiver Andre Rison was turbulent to say the least. After one argument, Lopes tossed Rison's teddy bears into the bathtub, doused them with lighter fluid, and set them alight. Though she came to her senses and extinguished the fire, the tub was so badly marked that it had to be replaced.

Then, in the wee hours of June 9th, 1994 (a year after an argument had led to gunplay), the couple had another fight, which ended with fisticuffs and Rison's flight from the house. Shortly thereafter, Lopes started another fire in the bathtub. She was in for a surprise.

"This wasn't the same bathtub," Lopes later recalled, and its fiberglass body quickly melted; to Lopes's astonishment, Rison's five-bedroom suburban mansion was soon going up in flames. See the news video clip and Lisa's candid comments here!

The trigger for her anger? Lopes had found a box full of sneakers: Rison, apparently, had bought twenty pairs, she later explained, "and there were no size fours!"

Charlotte ChurchCharlotte Church has received an ultimatum from her ex-boyfriend Steven Johnson. The Crazy Chick's former lover has instructed her to pay him 3 million, otherwise he will publish a kiss-and-tell book about their time together. Read More Here...

UPDATE! ex-boyfriend Makes $500,000 From Split-up Tabloid Selling!
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R&B BrandyR&B; beauty Brandy once taught a verbally-abusive ex-boyfriend a lesson - by taking her revenge on his car.

The Never Say Never beauty - who is separated from first husband Robert Smith - was horrified when a former beau called her a b***h, and found the perfect way to pay him back.

She explains: "I cried in shock because I was like, 'I do everything for you. I'm so nice to you That's how you wanna talk to me?'"

So the strong-willed singer scratched his car.

She adds: "I know it was wrong. I did it because I was tired of being hurt. That was my revenge."

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